Daikokuyu is a local public bath located in Honjo [ Yokokawa ] quarter, one foot away from Sumida river and Tokyo Sky Tree, using onsen (natural hot spring) water.

* Adult 460 Yens
* Student 180 Yens
* Baby
80 Yens
Additional Sauna +200Yens
Additional Towel


Free access
Coton buds
Hair Dryer
Mobile Phone charger
two-in-one shampoo
Body Wash

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Located in Honjo quarter in Sumida ward, close to the Sumida river, Daikokuyu is a sento (Japanese public bath) with a large variety of hot tubs and sauna to share with your family and friends.

Established in 1949 it's 10mn walk away for Tokyo Sky Tree, 6mn from Oshiage and 15mn from JR Kinshicho station.

A place where naked (indeed) Japanese people traditionally mingle. A typical local people's Japanese public bath, here it's not just your body that gets warm but your heart also.

After the bath, have some cold drinks, a hand on the hip like Japanese do. Don't be shy, come on in !
Why "onsen" ? The water used in Daikokuyu sento is coming from a well discovered 60 years ago, after analysis its properties have been recognized as onsen (natural hot spring). Come and enjoy, we are one foot away from Tokyo Sky Tree and Oshiage
Shutter door painting by Mr Nakajima