- As often with Japanese houses, before entering the building, you must leave your shoes in the lockers in the entrance.

- Give the wooden key of your shoesf locker to the desk while paying your entrance fee.

- Menfs entrance is on the right of the desk, womenfs on the left.

- Store all your clothes in the changing roomfs lockers. No swimming costumes are allowed in the baths, you must be naked. Just keep your lockerfs key, shampoo/body shampoo, soapc. and cleaning towel with you (if you didnft bring anything with you, you can rent a bathing kit for an additional 100 Yens).

- Before entering the baths you must wash using the little showers at your disposal. Grab an available plastic stool and basin and clean yourself (you can also rub the back of your neighbour with his cleaning towel if he is asking you to).

- Once fully washed and rinced you can enjoy the baths of Daikokuyu sento (avoid putting your bathing towel in the bath water, put it on the side or on your head if you want to keep it close).

- After the bath, wipe yourself with your bathing towel to keep from wetting the floor in the lockerfs room.

- Once you have your clothes back on and out of the changing room, you can have a relaxing moment drinking cold beverage in the entrance hallfs lounge area, just pick one in the fridge and pay at the front desk.

- Donft forget to ask your wooden key at the desk to get your shoes back while exiting the building.

Hoping you have a good time.