Daikokuyu is a local public bath located in Honjo [ Yokokawa ] quarter, one foot away from Sumida river and Tokyo Sky Tree, using onsen (natural hot spring) water.

* Adult 460 Yens
* Student 180 Yens
* Baby
80 Yens
Additional Sauna +200Yens
Additional Towel


Free access
Coton buds
Hair Dryer
Mobile Phone charger
two-in-one shampoo
Body Wash

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 Front of the building - Shutter door painting by Mr Nakajima
Mont Fuji’s mural painting in the baths is repainted every 2 / 3 years by Mr Nakajima

 Front desk and lounge

 Changing room

 Washing area

 Onsen baths (from left to right)

* Super jet bath
* Body massage bath
* Seated bath
* Bubble bath

 Onsen baths (overall view)
 Herbal bath

Those 4 onsen baths are using transparent
natural hot spring water.
Temperature is set to 42℃ for women and
44℃ for men.
It’s set slightly lower in summertime.

The herbs being used are changed daily.
(The detail of the herbs is given on our
japanese blog and twitter account)
Usually we use fresh lemon bath on Sundays.

 Walking bath
  Infrared sauna with TV

This bath is 90cm deep, its temperature is 35℃.
It's to be used for "no strain" muscle training
and for back or knee problem.
Kids can use it also as the temperature is
not too high. Its floor is tiled with pebbles
tiles for shiatsu feet massage.

Our infrared sauna is very popular thanks to its
heating down the core of your body for good blood
circulation and perspiration (you can access it for
an additional 200 Yens including personal towel to
put on the bench).
After sauna, take a shower or pour some buckets
of water on your body to get rid of sweat before
having a bath.

  open‐air bath

Open‐air bath are changed daily.
* Odd days : men
* Even-numbered days : women

 Salt Steam Sauna

 High concentration carbonated spring

Open‐air bath are changed daily.
* Odd days : women
* Even-numbered days : men

 Wood Deck

You can see Tokyo Sky Tree from inside the Wooden Deck.

 Cold water bath

To refresh your body.

You can clean some clothes while having a bath
in our neighbouring laundrette.
Opened daily from 6:30 until 24:00
Available washing machines : 5 machines for up
to 4.5 Kg of clothing / 2 for up to 7 Kg of
Available drying machines : 2 machines for up
to 7 Kg of clothing.

PHOTO : Before remodeling